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WNY Chapter Paddle Canadcie Lake

Discussion in 'Wooden Canoe Events' started by Scott Rowe, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Scott Rowe

    Scott Rowe Random Adventurer

    Met with this great group of paddlers (I'm not officially a member yet) at beautiful Canadice Lake just 40 minutes south of Rochester. The water in this lake is so clear and clean that it is easy to spot the bass swimming about below your hull. The surrounding shore sported lots of great fall colors. The weather was absolutely beautiful with a very mild breeze out of the south.

    I sat in the stern of my 17' 6" cedar strip Winisk with the bow riding high into the light wind. I like the feeling of "flying the hull" and find I move right along like this (less wetted surface?). It often baits the question "have you tried paddling the boat from the bow seat?" to which I smile and go into my feel good justification.

    A variety of boat were present including the maiden voyage of a newly built cedar canvas boat from a young couple from Buffalo (?) and another wood boat which I believe was a modified dory. There was also a couple of cedar strip Wee Lassies and a couple of nice old Old Towns. There was even a plastic boat there...just showing me that these folks are all about having fun.

    We paddled to the southwest shore of the lake for a nice lunch (forgot mine) and were treated to some delicious homemade pastries from one of the members. Nice meeting all of you! My membership app is soon to follow. (But really...what's with the 61 or older requirement?)
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