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Who made it?

Discussion in 'Research and History' started by ZMT, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. ZMT

    ZMT New Member

    Hi I,m trying to find out some information on a canoe. It is 13 feet long 38 inches wide and 11 inches tall. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  2. smallboatshop

    smallboatshop Restorers

  3. michaelt

    michaelt Curious about Wooden Canoes

    The photo of the Hull Identification Number tells it all:

    MIC: SWE Status: Inactive
    Parent Company: Parent MIC:
    Address: BOX 207 City: STOWE
    State: VT Zip: 05672
    Country: Phone: 8022537398
    Fax: In Business: Wednesday, January 24, 1973
    Out of Business: Monday, September 23, 1991 Date Modified: Thursday, October 03, 1991
    Type: Canoes, Kayaks
  4. michaelt

    michaelt Curious about Wooden Canoes

    The last two digits indicate it was built in 74.
  5. lovepurple

    lovepurple New Member

    Hi, we bought a log house and the previous owner has this exact one but in mint condition. WOuld anyone be interested in owning one? I can send pictures.
  6. Benson Gray

    Benson Gray Canoe History Enthusiast Staff Member

    This forum is really not for advertising. A classified listing at is much more likely to help you find a buyer. Good luck with the sale,

  7. lovepurple

    lovepurple New Member

    Sorry. thanks for letting me know.

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