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No-Octane Regatta

Discussion in 'Wooden Canoe Events' started by Dan Miller, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Dan Miller

    Dan Miller cranky canoeist Staff Member

    Evening All,

    The Adirondack Museum has put up their new calendar of events, featuring the No-Octane Regatta -

    Scroll down to find the picture with the Baker tent and click on that for the larger version. Not to name names, but in that photo, you'll see canoes (and guideboats and a baidarka), belonging to WCHA members Sinkiewicz, Cavanaugh, Mapes, Orris, DeVivo, McDaniel, and Miller.

    This year will be the third that I have set up a WCHA booth at the Regatta - we're headed up there Thursday this year, in hopes of getting a little more decent paddling in - those who were with us last year will remember getting blown off the lake - and right across Route 30!

    Last year the Saturday barbecue was such a hit, and the cost of this years Friday dinner high enough, we are planning to host two nights of grilling by the lake. Anyone wanting to join us is welcome - and if you're willing to help with the WCHA booth during the Regatta on Saturday ping me.

    A good time will be had by all (no matter the Regatta Weather!).

  2. jwswanboats

    jwswanboats Curious about Wooden Canoes

    Have a great time and say hi to the adirondacks for me.
  3. MikeCav

    MikeCav Restorer/Videographer

    Count me in!

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