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Knickerbocker Canoe Club - where art thou?

Discussion in 'Research and History' started by Ken Cupery, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Treewater

    Treewater Wooden Canoes are in the Blood

    You will note that is Robert Pino on the cover of the Wanda club as vice-commodore. Yet, he sailed a boat with the Knickerbocker logo.
  2. Treewater

    Treewater Wooden Canoes are in the Blood

    Look closely, Robert Pino is on the cover of the Wanda group as vice-commodore yet I have his sail and he is sailing at a Knickerbocker.
  3. Wanda CC

    Wanda CC Wanda Canoe Club

    My racing partner Gil Ross and his sisters and brothers grew up in Yonkers and paddled for the Yonkers Canoe Club. They also paddled for Inwood occassionally, and as teenagers trained at Wanda as members of the United States Junior Olympic Sprint Canoe team. They travelled from New York, by bicycle, to Wanda because the electrical power plant on the Hackensack pumped out warm water in the winter and the river did not freeze, allowing them to train year-round...we still have graffiti in the boathouse from the 1988 Seoul Olympics. The Ross clan also trained with the Washington Canoe Club where several of them are members today. Gil's nephews Ian and Gavin Ross of the Washington Canoe Club are USA sprint canoe Olympic hopefuls. Ian just completed the 31-mile Chattajack race in the Tennessee River Gorge paddling in cold, windy conditions on one knee!

    Gil was the driving force who helped revive Wanda in the last few years. We needed a place to train when the Hudson became too dangerous in Winter, so a bunch of us followed him to the calm Hackensack. We still have a wood C4 sprint canoe from the 1970s (that we are looking for a home for) and a wood K4. We have Wanda members from Brooklyn and Queens who also paddle at Sebago. We have a few members and associate members who paddle the Schuykill and live in or near Philadelphia. Aside from the canoe and kayak clubs most of us are also affiliated with outrigger and dragon boat clubs so there's a lot of cross referencing. We have outrigger clubs in Hoboken and New York City. We have a beach in Hoboken and a very active community boathouse and club. Apparently we're all a little nuts - but no more crazy as all those paddlers were over a hundred years ago on the Hudson and surrounding rivers.

    The history of these canoe clubs is fascinating. It is important to know our history especially while it seems that we are growing again.
  4. Wanda CC

    Wanda CC Wanda Canoe Club

    Just received confirmation from Philadelphia Canoe Club that their mascot is Phil the Beaver, and their colors are red and black.
  5. Wanda CC

    Wanda CC Wanda Canoe Club

    I have been corrected.

    Officially, it's "Phil A. Beaver."
  6. Wanda CC

    Wanda CC Wanda Canoe Club

  7. Wanda CC

    Wanda CC Wanda Canoe Club


    Washington Canoe Club - 1904
    Philadelphia Canoe Club - 1905

    (Thank you, Glen Green of PCC!)
  8. Wanda CC

    Wanda CC Wanda Canoe Club

  9. MGC

    MGC Scrapmaker

    Interestingly suggestive.... I wonder how you might defend it with a straight face?
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  10. JClearwater

    JClearwater Wooden Canoes are in the Blood

    I did a quick search on Ancestry. The 1930 census has Robert Pino living with his parents. The family is listed as follows; Dominick & Rose Pino, ages 50 &46, Robert, age 24, Eugene, age 20 and Elsie, age 14. Only Elsie was born in the USA, everyone else was born in Italy. The family emigrated to the US in 1914. Robert was working in an electrical shop at the time. Attached also is a picture someone, presumable family, posted of Robert. 0e540a07-fd88-4124-9c79-6a9b79d5ed5e (1).jpg
  11. whalen

    whalen Will canoe, and have been canoed,

  12. Bill Cocran

    Bill Cocran New Member

    Referencing the post by Wanda CC:
    "Pendleton Canoe Club, Yonkers NY 1949 National Champions (flatwater canoe & kayak) and their mascot, The Pendleton Duck."

    My dad (Frank Oldal) is the paddler standing back row right side. I have that same picture in a stack of photos. Also have the Duck patch.
    I used to have all of my dad's racing medals but they were stolen from my storage unit back in 1981.

    He told me many stories about the Pendleton CC and how they used to whip the Canadians a$$es up on the St Lawrence River (Thousand Islands). His black Gordon Setter named Shadow was the unofficial club four-legged mascot that could out-swim any fish or duck around.

    I will try and get some pictures posted along with newspaper clippings of what I have in my stack of stuff.
  13. Leslie J

    Leslie J New Member

    I just discovered family photo albums that included pictures from the Knickerbocker Canoe Club in the mid 1920s. My grandfather, Roy Jordan, was a member, and the family went there. One of the KCC members listed and pictured in the album is Jack Hill. A reconstruction (of a platform) was pictured from 1927 as well as a picture that showed the former platform in 1926.

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