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Forum Jitters

Discussion in 'Traditional All-Wood Construction' started by ebeeby, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. ebeeby

    ebeeby Novice Canoe Restorer

    I sure missed the forum while it was out and want to thank the Web team for bringing it back to life!
  2. Morley Pinsent

    Morley Pinsent canoeist & canoe nut

    Hear, hear Eric,

    I suffered some serious withdrawl, especially with poor weather and more time indoors. Thanks all for getting it back on. Any chance of saving all the great information that has accumulated over time?

    Cheers, and thanks

    Morley Pinsent
  3. mark wismer

    mark wismer WCHA Member

    Glad to see the forums are back, I've missed everyone,
  4. John Greer

    John Greer LOVES Wooden Canoes

    It's great to see this is back. Took a bit trying to figure out that we need to sign in as new members again. Hit 70 degrees here in northern Montana today. Great canoing weather for November.

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