“The Upper Great Lakes Regional Assembly”


LOVES Wooden Canoes
August 3 & 4 in Marquette, Mich. About as close to the Great White North as you can in the US...or in Michigan anyway.

I expect the UP Mich Chapter will soon fill in many details on this event. I just wanted to post that I'll be staying at the Marquette Motor Lodge. Haven't been there before but it has good on-line reviews, is relatively inexpensive, and they were nice on the phone. If you're not camping and this place looks good to you then let's see if we can fill it up with WCHAers.


Looking forward to this mini-assembly.

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
Our Regional Assembly promises to be a huge event--- there are more than 50 canoes slated to arrive, from places that include New Jersey and Ontario as well as places more midwestern. Many folks from the Lower Michigan and Wisconsin Chapters will be here. See attached flyer for information.


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Jan Bloom

LOVES Wooden Canoes
I will be crossing the Bridge Thursday morning. Camping out in the Park with my canoe crazy Husky as the dog sitter was busy and couldn't take her.

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
My daughter and I will be tent-camping with our two dog-boys, Bert and Charlie. Nights can be a bit chilly, and having a dog helps with that! Glad you'll both be coming!


LOVES Wooden Canoes
Can't wait for this great event Kathy, Craig & Judy Kitchen. Bringing 3 canoes
1. Short deck, torpedo nose 1915 Kingsbury "K"
2. 60" deck, circa 1915+ Charles River "Dodo"
3. just restored 18' Morris Molitor "Belle" for her in-water christening...bringing Champagne...to toast the launch, not break on the bow.
See you Friday afternoon if all goes well.


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1914 Old Town Charles River
Yay! champagne! I'll drink to the christening! Your boats are so perfect and beautiful! We will be leaving on Thursday and getting in toward evening.

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
Craig Kitchen and I will be interviewed on the local TV station (Ch. 6) Friday morning. I think our event will be a big hit with the local population.

Paul Miller

Canoe Nut
Nice Morris Ken,

The deck combing and king plank look very similar to those of a 1926 OT Molitor I have. Mine has a rub rail too, but does not bend up to the sheer.

That brings up that discussion of Burt making canoes for or at OT.

I can't tell that much detail of yours' but here a picture of mine.

I'm bring an 18' Morris also, but not quite so fancy.

See you guys Friday,



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LOVES Wooden Canoes
Hi Paul,
Glad you are coming up for this event and look forward to seeing your Morris. Is the one you're bringing the one in these photos? It would be fun to see them side by side - as they have so many similarities - and we could search for the differences.

Kathy - has the Molitor you recently sold been delivered yet or is it still with you in Marquette? It would be fun to have it to compare too.

See you Friday,

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
The Morris Molitor I sold will be at the regional assembly! The buyer will be picking it up there (he also attended the national assembly). So, we can compare Morrises! This should be very valuable for the buyer too.

From what I've seen and heard, the very-early OT Molitors-- those sent to CJ Molitor in Detroit in his first shipment after the Morris factory fire-- were made with pocketed ribs, etc., just like the ones that came from the Morris factory. This happened because workers from Morris went to Old Town-- not only to build this particular canoe, but because they needed the work. We don't know for sure how much Bert Morris or his brother Charlie might have helped with this. I've heard that Charlie built all-woods for Old Town, and Bert apparently spent the last four years of his life building who-knows-what from a corner of the OT factory.

Later Molitors didn't have pocketed ribs and had open gunwales. Can't remember when the Molitors went to open wales (but I have all the build records). OT stopped making this older-type of Molitor in the late '20s. CJ Molitor ordered a Molitor from OT after he gave up his canoe livery... I discovered this in an eye-straining bit of research in the OT build records. The canoe had open wales and a colorful design (his canoes from OT had been solid-colors). I figure this was a canoe he ordered for himself.

Dave Osborn

I'm currently at the Great Lakes Boat Building School in Cedarville, MI, leading a canoe restoration course. I will be headed to Marquette on Friday and hope to arrive at the campsite before dark.... Can't wait to see you all!


Debbie Darga
The Michigan Chapter having dinner at the Wild Rover in Marquette Michigan for the Upper Great Lakes Regional Assembly.Mini Assemably 2013 004.jpg Mini Assemably 2013 005.jpg Mini Assemably 2013 006.jpg