Rushton's Rowboats and Canoes: The 1903 Catalog in Perspective

The canoes of John Henry Rushton of Canto, New York, have been admired and coveted since they were first built more than a hundred years ago. Their smooth lapstrake cedar planking, fine craftsmanship, and light weight appealed to canoeing enthusiasts across the country. Rushton’s catalogs of his wares described and demonstrated the traditional techniques of the boatshop - and the 1903 catalog, reproduced here, includes a typical selection of Rushton craft. William Crowley, former Curator of the The Adirondack Museum, Blue Mountain Lake, New York, has provided a scene-setting Introduction to Rushton and his era, illustrated by 12 photographs from the Museum’s collection. Rushton’s pride in the quality of his craft was best summed up on the first page of this 1903 catalog: “No other establishment in the world can give you the same service that I can.”