1940 Old Town 13' 50 lb canoe 129097 SOLD!!!

Canoe Make and Model: 
Old Town 50 lb SOLD!!!
Canoe Length: 

Canoe is in good restorable condition.  There aren't a lot of shorter, lightweight canoes around.

I purchased this boat as a rescue - so that someone else could restore it, I have a 15' Old Town 50 lb canoe that I restored and love it.

It needs: Inwales - but I have a set from a 15' 50 lb canoe; Keel - I also have the keel from the same canoe; outwales; I counted 10 ribs that I would replace; one stem band (I have the other one); stern seat is too short - was in with very long dowels to compensate and the thwart is not “period,” the yoke that was in it was too short and didn't fit the character of the canoe, so I threw in a thwart I had to preserve the shape.

This fine boat has found a new home and will be living in Ohio as the little brother to a Robertson and an OTCA.


Needs Restoration
Lower Hudson Valley New York State
Asking Price: 
Time remaining: 95%
11/06/2018 (11 months)