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Whistlewing/st. Lawrence Boat Works Seat Dimensions Needed

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by MGC, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. MGC

    MGC Scrapmaker

    I am starting to work on an odd ball Northern NY that was built by Cyclone Brown in the Whistlewing/Indian Girl style with long single piece decks and torpedo stems.
    It resembles an IG in that it has Rushton style stems, thwarts, half ribs and seats hung from cleats attached to the ribs.
    Where it does not resemble the SLBW are the woods used, all cherry including the decks, inside rails and thwarts. The outside rails are made of mahogany.
    In it's present condition the boat is a bit of a wreck..but aside from being a bit hogged, it has held it's shape well and when it's finished it should be a nice and unusual "North Country" Rushton derivative.

    What it is missing from the canoe are the front and rear seats. I am hoping that someone who owns a Whistlewing or an SLBW canoe can provide me with seat measurements/dimensions so that I can re-construct them. Looking at pictures of the Whistlewings it looks like the bow seat is a standard rectangular seat that mounts on the cleats. It looks like the seat does not completely cover the cleats as there appears to be cleat visible in front of the front slat and also visible behind the rear seat slat.
    The stern seat (on the Brown) is not mounted on the rear rail, it also sits on cleats. The seat appears to have been an isosceles trapezoid.
    I could make the seat to the same (relative) dimensions as an Indian Girl, but to my eye the canoe more resembles a Whistlewing in the way that it was finished. Given the possibility that Cyc was building the Whistlewings, this would make sense. dimensions would be greatly appreciated as would any closeup pictures of them.
  2. OP

    MGC Scrapmaker

    So in one of those did this really just happen sort of moments, I was just on the phone with Pat Smith, West Hollow Boat Co.. I called him to to see if he had any cherry for the rails on this boat..(he does). I described the boat to him and he told me that he had one exactly like it (less the torpedo stems) at a class that he did at the Sagamore ten years ago. The women that donated the canoe recalled going with her father to collect the boat from the builder. They went to his house just outside of Canton. Pat has some pictures of that boat that may shed some light on a few of these details. The boat is presently hanging on display at the Sagamore so I may be able to go there and get the measurements I need. My request stands though, if anyone can share details about the seats I'd appreciate it.
    One more thing, the outside rails are also cherry...not mahogany as I had originally posted.
  3. Michael Grace

    Michael Grace Lifetime Member

    Hi Mike,

    I've got a Whistle Wing (sponson version) in very good, original condition, and will be happy to provide seat dimensions for you. Mine also has solid long(ish) decks. The bow seat rests on cleats as you describe, but the stern seat is hung from the inwales and it is typical square in shape (i.e., not trapezoidal). I can get you the dimensions if you think these would be useful.

    Best - Michael
  4. OP

    MGC Scrapmaker

    Hi Michael...thanks for the offer.
    Yes, the dimensions would be very helpful. The photo's that Pat shared are helpful and interesting but do not provide dimensions. The Sagamore canoe has typical square seats so your seats could provide me with everything I need. Since yours is original it would be great to see a photo or two of the seats...I'd like to match the seat weave if possible and I would also like to try to put the correct number of holes in the frames.
    There are more of these Whistlewings around than I realized (but less than a handful)...I'd love to see one with torpedo stems.
    I'm going to be in a quandary when I try to repair the joinery around the rail, stem and deck sad old girl has lost some features to rot.

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