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Ray Mears Bark Canoe

Discussion in 'Birchbarks, Dugouts and Primitive Craft' started by beaver, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. beaver

    beaver Birchbark CanoeingBuilder

  2. David McDaniel

    David McDaniel Canoe Dude

    Hey Ferdy;
    Thankyou ! I really enjoyed the videos !!!
    Thanks for sharing !
    later Dave
  3. Kathryn Klos

    Kathryn Klos squirrel whisperer

    Great video-- I watched all 7 days-- Love how they accepted the storm as part of the canoe's history.
  4. Dave Wermuth

    Dave Wermuth Who hid my paddle?

    HI Ferdy

    Fascinating, informative, fantastic, fabulous, you know my interest in bb and this has lots of detail.
  5. Andy Hutyera

    Andy Hutyera The Red Canoe Guy

    Hey Ferdy,

    You've done it again! This is the best thing I've ever seen on building those magnificent craft. Getting to see William Comanda in the video is a great plus.
    Thanks so much!!!!
  6. Kevin French

    Kevin French Paddler

    Thanks beaver just about to finish "BB Canoe", 'Living with the Algonquin' by David Gidmark.

    Reading about building and watching are two different things.

  7. WoodNCanvas

    WoodNCanvas LOVES Wooden Canoes

  8. OP

    beaver Birchbark CanoeingBuilder

    This is an excellent website including photos of the largest canoe built in Golden Lake by Matt Bernard.

    "While the tradition of birch bark canoe building may be fading into history, some of this legacy is retained in modern cedar strip and canvas copies. What ever romantic name modern companies give their models, Ojibway and Algonquin Indian were their original authors"

    Quote by............Tim Du Vernes........Golden Lake, Ontairo

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    Last edited: Feb 20, 2010
  9. WoodNCanvas

    WoodNCanvas LOVES Wooden Canoes

    There is also this link on Turtle Island website, the official website of the Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake First Nation Membership, to an article on the birch bark canoe, Some interesting background information.

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