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New printing of W.P. Stephens book

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Keith P, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Keith P

    Keith P Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes

  2. Dan Miller

    Dan Miller cranky canoeist Staff Member

    I'd like to know if they included the 50 plates (which are the lines drawings). For that price, I kind of doubt it, or if they are, that they are full size...
  3. Jim Wilson

    Jim Wilson WCHA Member

    For what it's worth. Amazon says that the book includes 87 illustrations. I wonder what that means.
  4. Rob Stevens

    Rob Stevens Wooden Canoes are in the Blood

    I haven't seen the new Dover publication, but a quick search of ABE brought up this:

    Fifty Plates from William Picard Stephens Canoe and Boat Building: A Complete Manual for Amateurs
    by William P. Stephens (Author) (Paperback - December 1987)
  5. Ric Altfather

    Ric Altfather WCHA #4035

    50 Plates

    If you want the plates in 8 1/1" X 14" format you have to order a supplemental book...see attached.


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  6. Dan Miller

    Dan Miller cranky canoeist Staff Member

    Had a look at the Dover edition at the Adirondack Museum bookstore this weekend. Indeed, the plates are included, but at a reduced size. Not really a problem since you'll be lofting from offsets anyway. Good way to get a paper copy of this text inexpensively.

    If Goodchild's plates are 8-1/4 x 11 (per Ric's post), then they have been reduced as well, the originals fit best on 11x17, and that was how Mystic had reprinted them (I think Mystic's version is OOP).

    Don't forget that this books has been available in it's entirety (with reduced plate sizes) for many years at

    Good copies of the original book can often be found on Abebooks, but these are usually missing the plates.
  7. OP
    Keith P

    Keith P Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes

    thanks for the info

    Thanks for the reply. My Dad was up to the Adirondack museum this weekend. If you were at the WCHA booth you probably met him. He picked up a free Wooden canoe magazine. He said the weather was perfect and the crowds where light. He really enjoyed all of the guide boats. If I wasn't 2500 miles away I would have been there to. Thanks again for the reply. I think I will pick up the book. 10.00 for the book and 25.00 for the plates from Mystic not a bad deal.


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