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Delaware Valley Chapter gathering

Discussion in 'Wooden Canoe Events' started by Jim Wilson, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. Jim Wilson

    Jim Wilson WCHA Member

    This Sunday (Jan 8th) will be our first meeting of the new year. It will be at Susan Christie's home in Ardmore, PA beginning at 2PM. This month's highlight will be a presentation by Susan's dad, Dick Christie. He will be divulging some of the secrets to his beautiful double bladed paddles. If you are a regular assembly attendee, you have seen these beauties at the auction, where they are always a popular item. Watching Dick work is quite a treat.

    All are welcome to join us. Come meet some new friends, renew old acquaintances and maybe even learn something.

    For more info contact:
    Al Bratton:
    Jim Wilson:
  2. OP
    Jim Wilson

    Jim Wilson WCHA Member

    We had about a dozen members for Dick Christie's demo on Sunday. Dick did a great job, and we all drooled over his beautiful collection of hand planes. It's amazing what a good sharp plane can do. Everyone got a chance to try them out, incuding a couple of preteen brothers. Gotta get 'em while they are young!

    It was Al Bratten's lucky day. After taking out a second mortgage on the house to buy losing raffle tickets for one of Dick's paddles at last year's assembly, Dick took pity on him and presented him with a brand new beauty. He says that it is for all of Al's work as chapter president, but I still think it was pity.

    Afterward, we all had plenty of food (probably more than we needed), and talk turned to paddling. Everyone is looking forward to the paddling season.

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