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Assembly auction

Discussion in 'Annual Assembly' started by Greg Nolan, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Greg Nolan

    Greg Nolan enthusiast

    AUCTION FEVER – The Assembly auction is only a few days away. Support your WCHA, bring money, and have fun bidding. It’s nice to get a bargain at an auction, but don’t forget that this is a fund-raiser, and every dollar from the auction goes to support your WCHA.

    Here are some photos of one item that is being donated to the auction:

    BEDROCK jack plane by Stanley, no. 605.

    sm e 100_0645.jpg sm e 100_0646.jpg

    This jack plane – the most useful of the various sizes of hand-plane -- is not a collector’s plane, but a high-quality user plane. It is a type 7 from 1923-1926. Hand tool enthusiasts know that the Stanley Bedrock line of planes is one of the best lines of tools Stanley ever made, and the types 5 through 10, made from 1911 through 1941 with only minor detail differences, are prime examples of how good commercial production tools can be.

    On this plane, the refinished rosewood knob and tote are in good condition, with no breaks and cracks, but with only the minor dings of years of regular use. The lever cap (nickel plated with orange paint, it may not be original, but a slightly later replacement), has a very small chip on its leading edge that does not affect performance. The cap iron is in very good shape. The very sharp iron has been ground and honed to a 25◦ primary bevel, with a 30◦ micro-bevel; the final mirror-bright edge was honed on an 8000 grit waterstone. The brass bits – knob and tote nuts and adjustment wheel, have been cleaned and polished.

    sm e 100_0647.jpg sm e 100_0650.jpg sm e 100_0655.jpg

    The frog and mounting/adjusting screws are in very good condition. The machined bearing surface of the frog has been smoothed and flattened to better contact the smoothed and flattened contact surface on the plane body.

    The plane body is in very good shape – no cracks or breaks. The japanning is in good, unrestored condition, with some chips and scratches. Dirt and some rust have been cleaned, and the sole of the plane has been lapped flat with 220 grit silicon-carbide abrasive on a dead-flat polished marble stone.

    sm e 100_0651.jpg

    Lie Nielsen’s beautiful modern planes are modeled on the Bedrock design. Get the original, which still functions as well as the modern take-off, and better than most other planes ever made.

    Come to Assembly, and bid early, bid often, and don’t be bashful about bidding high.

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