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Assembly 2018 Is On! Still Time To Come!

Discussion in 'Annual Assembly' started by Michael Grace, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Michael Grace

    Michael Grace Lifetime Member

    The WCHA's 2018 Assembly is now under way with happy people and their canoes converging on Peterborough Ontario from across North America and around the world. I arrived last night and as usual the first thing I did was twist myself and crane my neck to study each of the many canoes on top of cars in the parking areas. On my drive up from Florida, I met with WCHA members all along the way - from Florida to Lake Winnipesaukee to Canton, NY - who were excited about Assembly. There's still time to come, so grab a paddle and jump in your canoe... or drive or fly to Peterborough. The program is full and the week promises to be great fun!


    Grace_Bucktail_2018.jpg On the road.jpg
  2. OP
    Michael Grace

    Michael Grace Lifetime Member

    Assembly, 6:30AM Wednesday, July 18th 2018
    Assembly 2018.jpg
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