Swedish Reflector Ovens

Placed on the ground in front of a fire, reflector ovens use reflected heat to cook or bake -anything from meat to fish, to bannock (soda bread), brownies, pizza, cake and muffins.

This clever Swedish design offers many advantages: -lightweight aluminum (0.8 kg or 1.8 lbs.), compact (collapsible) so easy to pack and carry -quick and easy to set up due to the integral hinges -fast baking because it reflects towards the centre from all 7 sides and heats a relatively small volume space evenly -fits standard 9” round or 8” square baking pans, a loaf tin or 6-muffin pan DIMENSIONS: Open; 16” w x 11.5” h (tapers toward back) Folded’ 13” w x 5.5” (at back) ½” thick


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