Sold: Old Town 15' Fifty Pound Model canoe

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Old Town Fifty Pound Model
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This canoe is in good usable condition but is an excellent candidate for restoration.

I have one that is the same model from 1934 which is my bucket list canoe and I rescued this canoe so that someone looking for a light weight, stable canoe to restore can have a canoe I love as much as mine. I LOVE my 50 lb and put a third seat in it to make it a solo or a tandem to take my 4 year old granddaughter out with grandma and grandpa.

Let's face it, we are all getting older and the 80-100 lb canoes get heavier every year.  When I redid my canoe I used Dacron which reduced the “from the factory” weight of 58 lbs to 50 lbs, even with 3 custom made cherry seats.  I sold my Yankee canoe when this one was done, don't miss the extra 35 lbs.

The canoe is in great shape for it's age and the fact that it's a light weight canoe, it has a couple of cracked ribs as to be expected from a light weight canoe, but no displacement and all appear to be good candidates for back splicing.
I have a spare rib (pun not intended) from when I replaced a dozen on my 1934 15' 50 lb.

Canvas is almost completely intact with a small gap by the gunwale on the bow, the paint has some crackling but it's intact - you could take this canoe out today.

Someone is going to love this canoe, if I didn't already have one that is the same model this canoe would be my winter project.

Additional pictures available upon request.

Available for pick up in Middletown in the lower Hudson Valley, NY


Good Usable
Middletown, NY
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Time remaining: 95%
11/24/2020 (11 months)