SOLD 16’ Old Town wood/canvas canoe

Canoe Make and Model: 
Old Town Yankee
Canoe Length: 

This 1928 16' Old Town Yankee is in good-restorable condition or would clean up nicely to make a display in your home

With the seats repaired and the hull cleaned, sanded and painted you could paddle it, but it should really be restored.

I have restored two Old Town Yankee’s and another Old Town canoe but due to arthritis in my hands I won’t be restoring any more wood canoes.

The pictures tell the story, but if you have any questions please ask, additional pictures are available.

The Yankee is a wonderful family canoe, very stable and a true pleasure to paddle.

This model canoe has been in production, virtually unchanged, since 1913 when it was introduced as the Livery model.

In 1920 it was renamed Yankee.

Late in 1957 the form replaced the 16' OTCA form which was retired, and it became the OTCA 16' which remains in production by Island Falls Canoes.

The specs on the OTCA 16/Yankee:
Length: 16' 
Width: 36” 
Width at 4” Waterline: 36” 
Bow Height: 23” 
Depth: 12” 
Weight: @73 lbs 

I will not ship or pack for shipping, this is a cash – pick up in person deal only.

Needs Restoration
Lower Hudson Valley, NY
Asking Price: 
Time remaining: 93%
11/05/2021 (11 months)