Peterborough Canadien 1427

Peterborough Canoe 1427
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Peterborough Canadien 1427
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Peterborough Canoe Company “Canadien Model” 1427 (or 1495) for sale, from the 1940's era.

It appears to be mid-renovation and has been carefully stored in a dry basement and dry barn for more than a decade - so it hasn't soaked-up in a while.

A local canoe restorer advised me and, using a 1944 Peterborough catalogue, we were delighted to determine the make, and we believe the model is a 1427. The ribs are 2” spaced. The accent cherry plank is easily noticed. A few cedar planks have been replaced. We could make out only the first two numbers of the model imprinted in the base.

Found 4 years ago at a local yard sale and it was so beautiful I overpaid (3x) for it.  Selling as we just haven't found time to restore further or tweak.

Needs Restoration
Woodstock, Vermont
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Time remaining: 96%
10/11/2021 (11 months)