Penn Yan Kingfisher Sold!

Canoe Make and Model: 
Penn Yan Kingfisher
Canoe Length: 

So, I've decided I have no time after all to restore this.  The good…. Hull is true, I dont see any broken ribs.  All the seats are there, need repair work.  Transom appears to be good, some very spotty dryrot in 2 small places, none at all on the inside, its very solid.  Comes with origional Penn Yan oars with copper tips, although painted.  Origional bronze oarlocks included as well.

The Bad….fiberglassed hull, although very thin layer and I think it will come right off.  The inwales could probably be saved, but I would replace both inwales and outwales, dont think steaming is required.  Come get it before I change my mind!

Trailer not included!  Sorry about the photos, the ad software rotated them!  

Needs Restoration
Holland, Michigan
Asking Price: 
Time remaining: 94%
11/09/2021 (11 months)