Old Town possibly Carlton, or UFO

Canoe Make and Model: 
Old Town, Carlton or UFO
Canoe Length: 

Thought I would switch this to the for free category.  I would really like to see it salvaged and would rather not store it for the winter.

I'm not exactly sure what I have here.  The decks say Old Town, but I had a Carlton some time ago the was sold by Old Town.  What's throwing me is the lack of serial numbers on the stems.  This poor old girl has been out in the weather for way to long.  Didn't want to see it sent off to the dump.  It is going to need a lot of work!  I'd like to move it along to somone that has the time that I don't.  I have two boats in the que that will keep me busy for a while…to many other projects.  I'm not going to lie this is going to be a challenge.  It has a few broken ribs and a lot of cracked planking.  Picture tell the story!  If I had to say something nice about this one…. It still has a decent shape to it and the seat frames may be salvagable…maybe.

Who's ready for a challenge?

Needs Restoration
Oak Ridge New Jersey
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Time remaining: 89%
09/12/2020 (10 months)