Old Town

Canoe Make and Model: 
Old Town Guides Model
Canoe Length: 
18 ft

Old Town  SN#121933.  18 foot Guides Model.  originally Dark Green. Built June-August 1937 for W.R. Grace Co. in Roscommon, MI.  I obtained it in 1982, and it had been fiberglassed. 

It was fully Restored to canvas in 2004 by Scott Barkdoll of Skywoods Canoe Co in Honor, MI.  He replaced all the top trim, inwhales, outwhales and decks, plus 2 new hand caned seats, for a top of the line result. 

It is a Beautiful Craft and Handles like a Dream. I hope sommeone can appreciate the value.   

Excellent Restored
Grayling, MI
Asking Price: 
Time remaining: 54%
05/17/2021 (6 months)