May is now for sale.

Canoe Make and Model: 
private builder
Canoe Length: 

This indeed is the very boat discussed a while back on the forum. See…

The customer that owned it wanted a solo canoe and bought this at auction. When we figured out this was not going to be a cartopper and would require care and reconfigured, it was a no go. I sold her 1 of my small Teals. Now I have this to sell. It is actually set up inside like a small guideboat but apparently of Scandnavian constrution. Elm ribs, bevel lapped planking, spliced stems and tar paint. I had started to clean it up (brass, interior) but have stopped. Need to recover the auction price (or most of it). One original seat frame in cherry (end). There is some history written down about this canoe/boat.

Needs Restoration
Gilbertsville, PA
Asking Price: 
Time remaining: 29%
01/16/2021 (3 months)