Historically Significant 1905 Morris Veazie Canoe

This photo shows the "keyhole" deck.
Canoe Make and Model: 
Morris Veazie 1905
Canoe Length: 
16 feet

Historically significant 1905 Morris Veazie canoe, 16 feet long. Purchased from Kathy Klos Campbell in 2013 and fully restored by Tom Seavey. Veazie was a line of canoes made on the same molds as premium Morris boats; this one has the 16-foot Special Indian hull. Morris sold Veazie canoes in different materials directly from his boat shop. It has a “keyhole” deck, no serial number, and external stems. Kathy dated it to 1905, just as Morris started selling this line. There are currently four known canoes with the keyhole deck. Only two with a keyhole deck have no serial numbers; this is one of them, and Paul Miller has one.

You can see the canoe in person and paddle it if you wish on Friday and Saturday at the WCHA gathering at Paul Smiths. Look for Norman Sims or contact me at normansims1@gmail.com. More info available. I have way more money invested in this canoe than it can be sold for. Make a (high) offer.

Excellent Restored
SW New Hampshire or WCHA gathering at Paul Smiths
Asking Price: 
Time remaining: 54%
07/01/2020 (6 months)