Freeranger Canoe

Bart & Emiel Deseyn
Veldstraat 35
B-2491 Olmen
0032 475 804 302

Bart and Emiel, father and son, are at the heart of Freeranger Canoe. Their shared passion for canoeing and fine woodworking resulted in the building of canoes and paddles. Each year they build up to 15 cedarstrip canoes for discerning clients who are as passionate about their canoes as Bart and Emiel are. In addition to canoes they handshape a line of lightweight and strong laminated wooden paddles. They lift the canoeing experience to an even higher level.

For canoeists who want to experience the joy of paddling an entirely self-built canoe they offer comprehensive canoe building courses year round for individuals and groups. The workshops are hands-on and require no special skills. Anyone can participate, young and old, woman or man. Although building a wooden canoe is a time-consuming enterprise, it is very rewarding. For international clients they offer condensed 10-day canoe building courses.  

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