Chris Pearson Coleman lantern diorama

Fellow WCHA member Chris Pearson, of Holland, MI, is one of America's foremost modelers and an excellent craftsman/builder/restorer of canoes. Somehow, in his busy life, he also finds time to make very creative, intriguing, canoe-related artifacts which are highly prized by those who know and recognize his wit and great sense of humor. A dozen or so years ago, Chris made several dioramas using old Coleman lanterns. This is one of them - called “Bear Visit”. It shows a sow bear and her cub wandering into a river-side campsite, where a man is canoeing while his partner cooks over an open fire in front of their tent. Smell the bacon frying? Obviously, the bear has!!! You get a real appreciation for Chris' wicked sense of drama and outdoor experiences. I was fortunate enough to be near the head of the line when these creations first appeared. He quickly sold out, and it is my understanding that they are no longer available. I am parting with this piece rather reluctantly; I simply no longer have a place for it, having moved to smaller quarters. Perhaps you would appreciate and enjoy it. It has a small internal light with switch; works off household electricity. Makes a good night light or rustic decoration for your cabin or man cave. Asking exactly what I paid Chris years ago, including a small amount for shipping. I think it's fairly priced for a piece by this well-regarded artist, but might listen to a reasonable offer. I doubt there are many others to be had. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, money back if not happy.

Excellent Original
Leesburg, FL
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11/03/2020 (3 months)