Chestnut Canoe

Canoe Make and Model: 
Chestnut Gooseberry
Canoe Length: 

For Sale is a Pre-1920 Chestnut Canoe. It appears to be a Gooseberry Model and is very simular to my Chum. It still has half the orginal canvas and still has the original gunwales. 

Please take a look at the photos and contact me if you have any other questions. 

Please note the: Heart Shape Decks, Old Decal and Cant Ribs as a identifying mark for a Pre-Fire Canoe. 

Inwale to Inwale is 32.5”

Gunwale to Gunwale is 35.5”  

Needs Restoration
Kennebunkport, Maine
Asking Price: 
Time remaining: 6%
05/11/2019 (3 weeks)