Cedar Island Canoe – Atkinson Traveler - Mint Condition

Canoe Make and Model: 
Cedar Island Canoe – Atkinson Traveler (Made by Tom Tompkins)
Canoe Length: 
17.5 feet

<p>Mint / Almost New Condition - Cedar Island Canoe - Atkinson Traveler made by Tom Tompkins in Virginia Beach, VA).&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;This 17.5 foot long and 36.5 inch wide canoe has been stored indoors for many years, and is in almost new condition.&nbsp; &nbsp;You can see from the pictures that even the seat caning is in impeccable condition.&nbsp; Two new Shaw and Tenney paddles are included.&nbsp; &nbsp; I believe the gunwales, seats, and trip are mahogony.&nbsp; &nbsp;All fittings and trim are brass.&nbsp; &nbsp;Call or email with any questions.</p><p>Location - Naples, FL</p>

Excellent Original
Naples, Florida
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02/08/2020 (2 months)