Canoe Form – B N Morris 17’ Model 34A Type III (1908 reproduction) plus Build Kit

Canoe Make and Model: 
2003 Reproduction of 1908 B N Morris Model 34 A Type III
Canoe Length: 

Build your own canoe!  This form was built by a WCHA member’s son with guidance from his father.  (WCHA member Rolf Warncke “yeolwoodsman”.)  The build is documented on the WCHA forum:

- amazing post of documented and annotated build of the form!!!!

Build kit to make life much easier and to even allow a first time builder to work through build:

What’s Included in Kit:

canoe form - see photo

18’ mahogany inwale and 18’ mahogany outwale (will need finishing to match build)

Note: form provided to allow for steam bending of gunwales end to match bow and stern end of the canoe.

All white cedar ribs cut and numbered to match strong back (will need to be steam bent on form, of course) A few extra ribs provided for allowance for the breaking of a few.

Enough white cedar planking to complete build milled to proper thickness – mostly, 10 ft but also some 8 ft planks.

Inner splayed stems. (laminated with black walnut and ash strips)

Outer stems. (laminated with black walnut and ask strips)

Note: form provided to bend your own inner and outer stems. B N Morris had cedar inner and, I believe, either ash or oak outer.   If you use a cedar inner, you will need to attach the outer stem from the inside out – a real pain.

Deck structures provided – see photo – will save much time.

Black Walnut deck components including combing – absolutely beautiful when completed. (see photo).

3 Black walnut thwarts.

Mahogany keel.

What you will need:

Optional: plans from North Woods Canoe Co (

Seats – suggest black walnut.

Canoe tacks for ribs to inwales, planking to ribs, stem tacks…., all screws (will provide list and amounts), seat bolts, canvas, canvas sealer, paint, varnish. …..

Brass stem guards.

Any deck hardware like flag staff bases.

A bit of ambition.

Canoe Form without Kit - $800

If canoe form with build kit does not sell by the time I complete 3 current build and restore projects, I will sell the form only for $800.  However, this will happen 3 or 4 weeks after I decide to take this route as I will first build another B N Morris from the kit myself.

Feel free to ask any questions. Please also feel free to come by and review before you bid if practical (Pottstown, PA). Simply, send me a message to make arrangements. Of course, absolutely no obligations — glad to chat!

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Time remaining: 98%
03/13/2019 (11 months)