25 ft O.T. War Canoes- SALE PENDING

Canoe Make and Model: 
Old Town Canoe; War Canoe
Canoe Length: 
25 ft

Two Old Town War Canoes, individually available. The canvas and paint on both canoes are in very good condition, no tears, cracks or damage. Both canoes have spruce inside and outside rails, keelson; five ash seat braces with supports; extended deck framing with coaming; outside stems; keel; which are all in very good condition. The inside deck framing and inside stems are in very good condition. There are no stern seats. Both hulls are straight and not hogged or distorted.

#94222, built in 1927. This has cedar decks with ash coamings. One of the decks is split but is repairable. The interior appears to have the original varnish which is very dark with age.  The ribs and planking appear to be in very good condition with no visible breaks. The boat was recanvased in 1990 with some small repairs by the Northwoods Canoe Co.

#87541, built in 1925.  This has mahogany decks and coaming. One deck has a crack but is repairable. The interior was stripped sometime in the past but there are still some old gray and green paint spots that remain, but the interior is mostly clean with good varnish.  The boat was restored in 1989 by the Northwoods Canoe co. Many ribs were replaced with many rib splices and planking repairs. Today there are only a few non-distorted broken ribs and all the planking looks in very good condition.

A 22'-6” galvanized Cox trailer is also available to go with one of the canoes. $1000.  In excellent condition.  ModelCF450, built in 1989. Tires 4.80-8 in very good condition, 1-7/8” ball, trailer jack and hand winch. Wired for lights.

Good Usable
Atkinson, Maine
Asking Price: 
Time remaining: 64%
06/17/2021 (7 months)