1954 Old Town Ocean Boat

Canoe Make and Model: 
1954 Old Town 16' Ocean Boat
Canoe Length: 

1954 Old Town 16' Old Town Ocean Boat.  It is in need of restoration. It will need some of the ribs replaced, the front deck framing repaired, sections of the curved combing replaced, and a complete repainting and varnishing. This is a cedar strip built boat without a canvas covering.  

This will be a wonderful vintage runabout outboard when restored. it will handle a 25 or 35 hp outboard nicely.  This was Old Town's largest outboard boat offered for many years. 

This boat was owned by a gentleman who passed away before he could do the restoration. I am helping his family sell it. I have not seen the boat myself. I looked at the photos and talked to them about it. I do not know if the original seats and floor sections are stored somewhere.  I do not believe a trailer comes with it.   I will receive emails and answer what I can.  After a point I will connect you with the person who can arrange for you to see it. 


Needs Restoration
Northville, NY. ( Lake Sacandaga)
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Time remaining: 91%
10/20/2019 (11 months)