1923 Kennebec Restored Sailing Canoe

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1923 Kennebec Sailing Canoe
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Built by the Kennebec Boat and Canoe Co. of Waterville, Maine with Serial # 17421. This 1923 17' canoe is called a “sailing canoe” and has a short full length keel and  a mast step in the event it is desired to add sail, mast and lee boards. The canoe is built along the lines of the “Kineo” model having high sides and stems ( 13” ) and good breadth of beam ( 34” ). When paddled the keel adds a nice addition to the boat's excellent tracking ability. The company's 1914 catalog states this Type A canoe has maple 15” decks, spruce wales, maple seats and thwarts and a birch, maple or oak keel. The canoe was completely restored and a full set of before, during and after restoration photos are included. Copies of the Kennebec factory work ledgers 1923-1925 (included) document the dates, work steps amd craftsmen involved in the building of this canoe. The canoe has been lightly used since restoration and has been stored covered  in our barn. The price includes two new paddles hand crafted by the restorer. The boat was originally green and was restored with a red paint which was a listed color for the 1923 edition. This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire a hard to find, special, 95 year old, collector's piece. 

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Harrison, Maine
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