1921 Old Town Molitor, AA Grade, 18'

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Old Town Molitor
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This is a very early 18' AA Grade Old Town Molitor, serial # 66010-18.  It was made in 1921 and was restored in July 2020.  It is likely among the first few ever made. 

Being AA Grade it has mahogany inner & outer rails, seats, decks, and thwarts.  It also has the original external stems.  Planking is red cedar, ribs are white cedar.  The tops of the seat & thwart bolts are covered with mahogany plugs and not the diamond-head bolts, which is typical for that era. 

The canoe came to me in very good shape and needed a minimum amount of restoration.  There were no broken ribs and both rails were unbroken - save for a few inches at the tips of the inner rails.  The seats are mostly original - though it looks like someone in the past replaced at least one of the longer parts of the front seat with a length of walnut(?) carved with a vine & leaf design. I didn't have the heart to replace it!

Keen eyes will notice that the decks are not typical for Old Town - the build sheet lists them as '16 Mahogany'. Also notice that there are no screws visible on the outside of the outer rails. These rails are held in place by a pair of #8 screws at every seat and thwart - finish nails are used to hold the rails elsewhere along the length.  Also, the outer rails are the old 'squashed-D' style.

I've been restoring wood/canvas canoes since the early 80's and have restored over 30 canoes.  Since I retired in 2011 I've made it more of a full-time hobby and manage to complete 2 or 3 per year.  The materials used are all typical for this era: brass tacks (properly clenched) and silicon-bronze bolts and screws.  The canvas was treated with a mildewcide so it will last for a good long time - it was painted with a primer coat plus 4 coats of Epifanes 'Deep Red'.  There are 4 coats of varnish on the inside.  And the exterior of the hull got a coat of thinned linseed oil to restore some of its original flexability.


Excellent Restored
Honeoye Falls, NY
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Time remaining: 95%
07/24/2021 (11 months)