1919 16 foot B N Morris Courting Canoe

Canoe Make and Model: 
B N Morris Courting canoe
Canoe Length: 
16 feet

Serial number 16784, 1919, 16 foot B N Morris with 32 inch mahogany decks and other premium features. This canoe is all original wood except the combings. It was restored by Gil Carmer at the Wooden Canoe Shop. Premium features include outside stems, half ribs, bilge keels, and D shaped outwale. It is very stable, appropriate for courting. 

The torpedo style recurve on this canoe was unqiue among the many Morris canoes on display at the Assembly. I think there are very few with this shape. 

Please email or call with any questions. This is an exceptional canoe. Thanks for looking. 

Excellent Restored
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Asking Price: 
616 340 3671
Time remaining: 36%
08/18/2021 (8 months)