1916 (1915) Carlton

Canoe Make and Model: 
1916 (1915) Carlton CS Guide Closed Gunnel
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Well, I have too many canoes in my shop.  I am lowering the price on this one to $1200 but any reasonable offer will be considered.

This canoe's build record indicates that originally it was supposed to be an Old Town built in 1915 (original ser # 39414).  At the stage it was half built it was changed to a Carlton (Ser # 12394)  - Why I don't know.  The canvas was filled in Aug & Sept 1915.  It appears it was then put on hold until June 1916 when it was finished and shipped to the New York Sporting Goods Co. in NYCwith a group of 31 other canoes.  It was restored in 2018 and is in excellent condition.  When purchased it was full of holes and had several broken ribs.  It is a pretty canoe for 104 years old.  

If you want to see it, I live in Northnern Michigan (near the tip of the mitt) in Gaylord.  If you want to see more pics (before, during and after retoration) feel free to email me.  Email works best as I seldom carry my phone as when I do, it seldom rings - and that is too often.

Excellent Restored
Gaylord Michigan
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Time remaining: 48%
06/08/2020 (5 months)