1906 Old Town Double Gunwale-SOLD

Canoe Make and Model: 
Old Town AA HW Double Gunwale
Canoe Length: 

Old Town Serial number 4814. Shipped 4/21/1906 

This may be the oldest most original Old Town Double Gunwale. It looks beautiful and it is a pleasure to paddle.

Decks, rails, seats and thwarts are mahogany. Ribs and planking are white and red cedar. The keel is maple. 

The wood is entirely original. There are no splices. There is no rot. There are no cracked or broken ribs or planking. There is no epoxy, glue or bondo. It has one minor rib damage that the previous owners left as is to retain originality.
The recent canvas (leaded) is sound and does not require any attention.
The canoe has provenance. It was purchased from the first owners.

Anyone interested in a desirable Old Town to use or display, please consider this one.

I will entertain offers and can discuss delivery options. 

Email me about the canoe and I will provide you with my  telephone number. Many more pictures are available.

Good Usable
Spencerport NY
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Time remaining: 93%
07/15/2021 (11 months)