1905-ish 16' Morris Veazie

Canoe Make and Model: 
Morris Veazie
Canoe Length: 

This is a 1905-ish 16' Morris Veazie wood/canvas canoe. It was fully restored in May 2020 and has new canvas and paint. The wood was fully repaired where needed, then stripped & cleaned before it was varnished. It has spruce rails, red cedar planking, white cedar ribs. The seats are new, made of birch, and are hand caned.  It weighs a very manageable 68#.

The B.M. Morris company, located in Veazie, Maine, was one of the first manufacturers of wood & canvas canoes, but only made canoes from 1891 until 1919 when the factory was destroyed by fire. They were one of the first to sell their canoes through a network of dealerships, but they also sold their model Veazie canoes direct from the factory.  Due to their short time producing canoes few canoes were made, and even fewer still exist today. This would made an excellent paddling canoe or a dandy historical home display.

Excellent Restored
Mendon, NY
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05/08/2021 (11 months)