12-foot lightweight lapstrake double paddle canoe

Canoe Make and Model: 
Michael McEvoy Custom Lapstrake Cedar double paddle canoe
Canoe Length: 
12 feet

12’ lapstrake double paddle canoe designed and built for me in 1982 by Michael McEvoy of Battenkill Boatworks in Greenwich, NY. The design incorporates features of the Adirondack Guideboat in a J. H. Rushton style double paddle canoe. Her maiden voyage was a two-week long canoe camping cruise in the Adirondacks paddling along rivers and lakes, portaging between them when necessary. Otherwise traveled the rivers, streams and lakes of southern New England as well as Narragansett Bay and the Mystic river.

Primarily intended for solo use but can accommodate two in calm waters. In addition to being beautiful to look at, this boat is a joy to paddle, she moves along with very little effort and turns heads wherever she goes.
The boat has been meticulously maintained, stored in an unheated barn and is in excellent condition.


LOA    12’
Beam   28”
Depth amidships   10 ½”
Weight approximately 30lbs.

Construction details…

Planking: 1/4” Atlantic white cedar with cherry sheer strake fastened with copper clench nails 
Frames: White Ash
Keel and stems: Mahogany with Beech outer rub-shoe
Outwales: Walnut
Fore and aft decks: Walnut with Ash coaming
Removable floorboards: White Cedar
All fastenings: Copper or bronze
Finish: Inside of hull-Decks Olje D1 penetrating oil, Outside of hull-Decks Olje D-1 and D-2, Seats and paddle-varnish, Mast, Yard, backrest & portage yolk-Decks Olje D-1

Boat gear, both necessary and nice to have…

Caned seats (3), 2-Cherry/1-Walnut
Removeable White Oak rotating backrest
9’ Spruce double paddle
Pine portaging yoke
Douglas Fir mast and yard for standing lug sail (sail not included)
Standing Lug sail plan
Douglas fir fitted transport cradles with leather padding

Excellent Original
Hope, RI
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09/05/2019 (11 months)