11 yards Heavy duty Ceconite

New heavy duty ceconite fabric. I (oops) purchased 16 yards but only needed 15 feet of fabric to canvas a canoe. Below are description and specs from Aircraft Spruce website. Sells for $13.50/yard. Shipping not included.

“Extra heavy-duty fabric recommended for the most severe operating conditions and very high-wing loading aircraft. Its large filament size and high strength provide excellent resistance to rock penetration and tearing, characteristics required for trouble-free bush and agricultural operations. It is suitable for all aircraft where a very tough, durable, low elongation, high-tension fabric is required.”

  • Thread Count – 144 X 57/in 
  • Weight – 3.4 oz/sq yd 
  • Breaking Strength – Avg 113.5 lbs/in
  • Bursting Strength – 279 psi
  • Tear Strength – Warp 108 lbs, Fill 119 lbs
  • 72 inch width
Excellent Original
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02/08/2020 (11 months)