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1977 Chestnut Wood & Canvass Canoe

1977 Canadian made Chestnut wood & canvass canoe. Made by the Chestnut Canoe Co. LTD in Fredericton New Brunswick Canada  It was purchased new in Canada by my father in 1977 and has been in the family since 1977.

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Looking for an Adirondack Guideboat and/or Solo Canoe

Hi, I'm looking for an Adirondack guideboat needing restoration, must be all wood, any condition is acceptable.

Also looking for a 10' or 12' cedar canvas canoe needing restoration, again any condition is acceptable, I don't mind a challenge.

Can arrange for shipping if the border remains closed.

Thanks, Gary

Gary Shaver
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Restored 12' Peterborough Shorty #1446

This canoe has been fully restored inside and out with new inwales, outwales, decks, stem bands and a few new ribs and planks.  One new seat and thwart were made to match the original style of the canoe, and all exposed wood was stripped, sanded, and finished with four coats of UV marine varnish.

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Old Town Otca wood/canvas - 16ft

This is an Old Town Otca 16' wood/canvas canoe, made in 1938, serial # 125853-16. It was completely restored in August 2020. The color is a deep green.

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Canoe bow with seat

1917 Old Town 16' Canoe

This canoe was purchased by my grandfather in 1918 and has been passed through to my siblings and me.  It's been at the same location its whole life — stored inside on the off seasons and used regularly up until several years ago.  Canvas has begun cracking so that needs to be restored.  Ribs, planks, seats, and gunnels all in excellent shape.  Nice project for a l

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Vintage Maine duck hunting boat

Vintage duck hunting sneak boat. Based on a Merry Meeting Bay design, this classic wood and canvas boat has been fully restored. New heavy canvas, new keel, reinforced ribs, transom, and paint. The boat measures fifteen feet long and has a fifty inch beam at its widest point.

Jack Dudley
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1959 Old Town Runabout

Selling this beautiful 15 Ft old town runabout. Earlier this year I had a custom Sunbrella Bimini top & boot made for her. 2002 Mercury 40hp engine, and miscelaneous spares. Boat and motor have clean SC titles in my name.

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1941 18 Foot Old Town Guide

1941 Old Town Guide canoe #132368; have copy of original build papers. Fully restored by Stewart River Boatworks in 2015, all original, never put back in water. Second owner; canoe always been near Boundary Water's Canoe Area Wilderness and stored inside.

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Partially Restored Vintage Wood and Canvas Canoe for Sale

The age of this canoe is unknown. What is known is that it was built between 1931 when the Skowhegan Canoe Company was established and 1946 when the Skowhegan canoe factory burned. There is a remote possibility it is younger and built using molds that survived the fire.

Jim Mitchell
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Canvas exterior (original in good condition), natural interior varnished. Keel replaced, interior re-varnished and canvas painted in 1967. Seats re-caned in 1970's  Original bow decal and painter ring.

Benson Gray
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18' 1936 Old Town Model HW Sailing Canoe

Canoe No. 117886  One owner and still have original documentation and wooden shipping crate. To quote Old Town ” The H.

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Cheemaun Form Needed

 I am looking for a good, tested form for a Cheemaun I could buy or borrow. I bought the plans so I think I would be good with Rollin but I'll double check.
Thanks, Norm

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1906 Old Town Double Gunwale-SOLD

Old Town Serial number 4814. Shipped 4/21/1906 

This may be the oldest most original Old Town Double Gunwale. It looks beautiful and it is a pleasure to paddle.

Decks, rails, seats and thwarts are mahogany. Ribs and planking are white and red cedar. The keel is maple. 

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16 foot wood canvas canoe form

canoe form for 16 foot wood canvas canoe  located in Belvidere, Illinois.  free  

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1937 Yankee Model Old Town canoe; 16 feet length; width extreme 36 inches; approximate weight 67 lbs; planking-cedar; gunwales-open spruce; decks-birch; original canvas; restored approximately 30 years ago;  used minimally in the last 25 years. 2nd owner; always stored inside. 

Myrna Glick
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