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W.T. Bush Wooden Canoe

Believed to be an early 1900's W.T. Bush Wooden Canoe. It has taken some damage after being taken down a river rapid, but is still mostly in tact and can be repaired. There are some cracks between the beams of wood and a hole on the bottom, as shown in the pictures.

Includes front and rear metal flotation chamber.

Francis Sause
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Prospector Ranger 15 ft cedar strip wooden canoe

Prospector Ranger 15 ft cedar strip wooden canoe.

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1929 Old Town "Pin-Up" Canoe

This is a beautiful 1929 Old Town canoe, first sold to Miss Emma Graef who lived at 74 No. 6th St in Hudson, NY. I have all documentation. It is a 17' long sponson canoe - very stable- and impossible to tip over - in the CS Grade, HW (Heavy Water) model.

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Early 1930s Skowhegan 18.5' guide's model canoe in excellent condition

For sale is an early 1930s Skowhegan 18.5' guide's model canoe in excellent condition. It was used once on a week long fishing trip on the Pleasant River when new and then put away in my father in law's attic in Spruce Head ME. It was removed from the attic three years ago and is in, I assume, pretty much the same shape as when it was put up there.

Benson Gray
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1942 Old Town 18ft Guide Sail canoe. (SOLD)

Just completed with two tone paint with bottom “See Red” and top “White” and a black pin stripe to separate.  Upgraded to a 1970 Old Town aluminum lateen sailing rig.  Very nice canoe with or without the sail.  See attached Old Town build sheet.

Free delivery up to 100 miles, otherwise, cost as related to distance.

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1940's (?) Metal canoe back rest frame

Original green paint.    Brackets fit over a thwart.   Interesting backrest, works with a soft cushion.  Not worth shipping.  $ 25 bucks negotiable!  Call Jack Connell @518-439-0232. 

Advise on loading a picture welcomed. Cheers.

john j. connell
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Wanted Canoe by "The Spalding St. Lawrence Boat Company"

Wanted, a canoe built by “The Spalding St. Lawrence Boat Company” of Clayton and Ogdensburg, NY.  These canoes and skiffs were made by Spalding between 1893 and 1905 and they usually have a metal shield with the name of the company embossed onto it.  I will consider a restored or original canoe.

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1944 Old Town Guide 20 feet - S/N 140098

This vintage Guide model Old Town canoe was restored in 2000 as a student project at the Wooden Boat School.  It has been gently used and stored under cover since. A copy of the original build record available as well as provenance via photo history of its salvage and restoration.

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16 Ft. Gerrish Wood Canvass Canoe

!6 Ft. Gerrish wood canvass canoe.  Probably 1905-1909.

Found is the early 1980s in Sullivan County NY.  Restored in the mid 80s by Jerry Stokes (Shahola Falls Canoe Co.)

It's in pretty good shape, needs some minor repair. $1850.

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Jerry Stelmok 20' Island Falls Guide Canoe **PRICE REDUCED**

Mint Condition Island Falls 20’ Guide Canoe built by Jerry Stelmok himself in 1998. Has been used once. Stored cradled and covered indoors and cleaned annually. This canoe features cane seats, sistered ribs, a extra-coated bottom, and still only weighs a hair over 100 LBS. .

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1980 Old Town Guide Canoe

Fiberglass over wood construction – full keel.  Excellent condition -  has been stored in a boathouse year round. All original - one  owner - serial number 227564 18

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Historically Significant 1905 Morris Veazie Canoe

Historically significant 1905 Morris Veazie canoe, 16 feet long. Purchased from Kathy Klos Campbell in 2013 and fully restored by Tom Seavey. Veazie was a line of canoes made on the same molds as premium Morris boats; this one has the 16-foot Special Indian hull. Morris sold Veazie canoes in different materials directly from his boat shop.

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Early 1920s Kennebec

Kennebec 17' (formerly green now orange) re-caned seats, duck boards, structurally sound, in need of restoration at top of stems, minor planking and canvas $750.

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Paddles for sale

I have a few decent paddles for sale that I can bring to Assembly if someone whats.  I have a nice flat double blade with copper tips. Needs refinishing, decent shape. $90. I have a pair of spruce paddles, 60” long each, one is 6.25” wide, the second is 6.5” wide. I refinished them - never used them. No makers mark.

Jim Clearwater
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1972 15' Old Town Square Stern Canoe

15' Old Town Square Stern Canoe, with 2 seat backs and mooring canvas.  Canoe has been stored inside for the past 30 years.  In good shape, needs some attention in the stern where there are steel staples.  

It was our family boat growing up, went great with a 4 hp outboard, oars, or paddling.  

s/n 191605

keeled Nov 2, 1972

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